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Custom Template General Error

Hello, I'm new to QuoteValet and have many questions but I will keep this post focused.

My main problem right now is uploading and previewing a custom template. I made a new CustomerFacing template, and uploaded it but when I go to preview it the page shows "Oops, a general error has occured". I'm not sure what's going on. I did remove a lot of the macro attributes that we don't need (all of the video stuff for instance). Is that a problem?

2nd question: Is there documentation on the macro attributes? I'm not always sure of the syntax, or how many there are and what they all do.

No known documentation for the attributes. 

The best link might be here: - although not every single field is currently available to QuoteValet.

Are you seeing that 'Oops.." message directly when previewing, or after accepting the quote?

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I'm seeing the "Oops..." message directly when previewing with a test quote. We are able to preview with any of the other templates, but not this custom one I uploaded. I feel like we might have deleted a special tag that needs to be in there?

Thank you for the link to the macro attributes - that's better than nothing

I actually just noticed at the bottom of the page you linked to, there is a link to macros specifically for QuoteValet

Ah, that's new! Didn't spot that! If you wanted to send me your HTML, I'd happily take a look. if you want to do it privately.

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Ok sure thanks Matt, just sent you an email

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