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Adding a Second Required Checkbox to the QV Acceptance Terms

Hi All,

I'm struggling with something and hoping someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction. 

We have a need to add a second required checkbox to the acceptance terms of our QuoteValet template. I think I must have tried every combination available, but I just can't seem to get the checkbox to be required. I can add the second checkbox no problem, just can't seem to make it required. I've attached a screenshot if it helps.

Here's my code with the attached screen shot showing the output:

                Order Confirmation



                We reserve the right to cancel orders arising from errors, inaccuracies, or omissions.


            <div id="acceptance-details" class="form form-type-001 form-style-001 validationGroup">

                <div id="acceptance-terms-area">

                    [QV_InputAcceptCheckbox:class="required checkbox acceptance-terms-checkbox"]

                    <label id="acceptance-terms">

                        I agree to the terms and conditions of the above document and PDF attachment with

                        an electronic signature below.


                    [QV_InputAcceptCheckbox:class="required checkbox acceptance-terms-checkbox"]

                    <label id="acceptance-terms">

                        This is placeholder text for the second checkbox



Thanks in advance if anyone can help. Much appreciated!

(61.6 KB)

Ping me an email, I have this working. Quite easy.. "when you know how"!

Possibly not working because the same ID has been used for both checkboxes?

anyone solve this?  I'm trying the same thing. I've got it working as a textbox, but not as a checkbox. help! Matt? :)

Hi Jeff,

Yes, I have this working and have rolled this out to a number of clients.

Caveats, the checkbox doesn't show as checked in the PDF that QV sends you on order confirmation. what's the quite easy thing we're missing?

It's a little more involved than 'quite easy' - I'm based in the UK, but at my desk, ping me an email and maybe we could screenshare?

(I'd test this by creating a new template, a clone of your existing one, so we're not affecting anything 'live' until we've tested)

Kevin, Was this ever solved? I am trying to do the same thing now. 

Needs HTML adjustments to be made, there's nothing native you can simply enable in QuoteValet.

Shoot me an email and we can arrange a screenshare.

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