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Link TD import to QW Doc

Currently the only way for TechData (TD) tracking information to electronically update AND for it to be linked to the QW doc (order) is to do an online order. For orders that are placed directly with TD, there is the ability to pull in the Electronic Order, but then it isn't tied to the QW Order doc and the customer information and order fields are blank within the PO screen. Please make it so that after pulling in an order electronically for electronic updates, there can be a prompt to link it to the QW order for it to be fully populated.

Hi Heidi - not sure the devs will reply to this, but I like your question, so I'll take a stab based on my experience with EDI.  I think there are a bunch of factors at play preventing adding a feature like what you've requested.  

At the heart of the issue why your request is a challenge is that QuoteWerks can only access the data made available via electronic data interchange (EDI) rules defined by each of the suppliers (and they each have different ways they communicate with outside applications like QuoteWerks).  So since they control their own rules, we'd need to start by lobbying the suppliers for this ability.  QuoteWerks doesn't make the rules about how it accesses suppliers, it's the other way around.  :(

It is unlikely a supplier would allow an application like QuoteWerks to say: "Hey - here's an order number I've never worked with you on before, can you give me status?" because of the security implications.  Every company wants to (okay HAS to these days) protect their data, and one of the usual limits in the EDI rules is that only known applications can talk to each other, about orders one specific application started with the other (And I'm sure I'm oversimplifying it...).

I completely like the feature idea, I've had many a buyer copy/paste info from supplier websites into QuoteWerks for those manual orders so we have the info all in one place - it can be gold when providing tracking and serial number info for cranky clients.

To highlight:  I'm NOT speaking for the devs, just giving my opinion which may explain the difficulty of what you're requesting.  Hit TechData up and ask them to add that feature to their EDI functions, then we can work on the dev team!  ;)

I appreciate the feedback.

I’m making this request as I believe it really won’t be that difficult. I am on the TechSelect ICC Internet Commerce Committee and have worked with QW dev for a long time. We’ve been using QW since 2007.

TD does allow the feature to pull in an order based on the po – we already use that functionality.

What I’m requesting is to be able to link it to the qw quote/order when I pull it in.


The first screenshot is of my purchasing screen:PO tab. The blue TD logo actually pulls in order information on orders we’ve placed with TD through email or TD’s website. Clicking the Blue TD logo and inputting the PO we used on the order populates it and can be utilized to update the status, the SO number, the ship via, the warehouse, est ship date, shipped on, tracking number, and serial numbers. This is such an amazing feature!! WE LOVE IT!!


So I’m requesting that the E orders we have listed can be tied to the qw quote/order. All the E orders were pulled in from TD the same way. The circles around the DocNo and Customer get populated only if it is a “M” [manual] PO. (I highlighted the Ticket# on accident as that is not populated with M Pos as seen in the second screenshot).


The second screenshot is if I do a manual PO. It populates the DocNo and the Customer [name].


Because that is already being tied with a Manual order and those fields are not being used for the E orders, I would believe that if when pulling in the TD order in the first place that we could pick any order that hasn’t been closed within QW, it would populate the direct link to the quote along with the customer name.


That would be tremendously beneficial to switch between different orders.


Thank you for hearing my request. I’m happy to talk further on this enhancement.





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