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Link files from my computer, to the Links Tab of QuoteWerks Web


I need the ability to Link files/add external documents from my computer, to the Links Tab of QuoteWerks Web to include in Print output.  Right now we can only attach items that reside in the literature folder within QW.  

The reason we need to do this is because we have to provide sizing and callibration details for the items we are quoting, both for clarity and for protecting ourselves against claims of incorrect callibrations; they need to be an integral part of one connected document within QW, to avoid separation in the future.  These sizing documents are done ad hoc, at the time the product is sized for a specific sale.  It's not possible to create them ahead of time, for upload into the literature folder. 

Pages 4-6 of the attached, are an example of how we use this in the server version of QW that we just upgraded from.

Thank you for your help with this.

Kim Cruise

Applied Measurement & Controls


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