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DONE - Link files from my computer, to the Links Tab of QuoteWerks Web


I need the ability to Link files/add external documents from my computer, to the Links Tab of QuoteWerks Web to include in Print output.  Right now we can only attach items that reside in the literature folder within QW.  

The reason we need to do this is because we have to provide sizing and callibration details for the items we are quoting, both for clarity and for protecting ourselves against claims of incorrect callibrations; they need to be an integral part of one connected document within QW, to avoid separation in the future.  These sizing documents are done ad hoc, at the time the product is sized for a specific sale.  It's not possible to create them ahead of time, for upload into the literature folder. 

Pages 4-6 of the attached, are an example of how we use this in the server version of QW that we just upgraded from.

Thank you for your help with this.

Kim Cruise

Applied Measurement & Controls


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QuoteWerks Web now allows files to be added on the Links tab as of QuoteWerks desktop version 5.6.

oops - i just tuned into the links tab again (on desktop version) of course
it does allow drag and drop and adhoc linking.

welcome kim !

Thank you very much for your ideas!  we are checking them out now to see if they fit with our practices.


[I realised your post is about qw web but I think some common features could be introduced for both versions - maybe]
Whilst the concept is to add the spec sheets to a product. I realised this was about qw web do I'm not sure how much flexibility there is there at moment....
If you add a product and use the "spec sheet" field in the advanced tab for your customer or product performance sheet products .. Then they will appear here:
Hi Kim, I too wanted a bit more flexibility on bringing adhoc product info to the links tab. I was expecting the links tab to allow drag and drop and a file attach would be good (and what you might be wanting)?! As an interim or potential workaround maybe I could also suggest this might be a good option or get your the result... Attach the pdf spec "performance" sheets to any of your standard products and bring these "products" into the quote as hidden line items if you wish. OR Consider making a vendor database called "our proposals" or "Our Performance Sheets". Each customer in "performance sheet" is a "product" or each "performance sheet" is the product. Its one specification sheet per product that's all you need to understand really.. To make it work... When creating a "performance sheet" product attach the PDF of the "performance sheet" to the SPEC Sheet tab in quotewerks. This way ..When you add performance sheet ("product") the quote. You can see the performance sheets (pdf specification sheets) in the "deliver" window and add them to the pdf merge.
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