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importing Bill of Material

Hi all,

is it possible to import bill of material, given that it has the same product nr. we are using in our database.

we have a technician using drawing software that can create a BOM and it would speed up the process to be able to import the file.

thanks in advance

What format do you get the BOM in?

Have you found/reviewed the Paste Special feature of QuoteWerks?

now I am getting it in .xls but I am working on it to be .xml

no, I have not seen the Paste Special feature, can I copy/paste a list of product numbers?

Yes, you can.

See the documentation here, which should advise in enough detail:

Paste Special Wizard (

Works lovely for a number of my clients.

Hello Björgvin

I'm sure Matt's suggestion will serve you well.

Also be aware you can take this to other places as well..

You could also consider creating a 'supplier's or 'vendor' product database of the "boms" and this might give you extra flexibility.

  1. You can also use product> import wizard to bring the bill of materials one by one
    or actually loads of them together.

    You would basically set up a quick product database 1st or use an existing one.
    Goto Products > Import wizard.
    Pretty easy that. Map your columns from a CSV file and at end;
    save an "import template" (.pit) file.
    In future you select the "import template.pit" template
    and run your BOM file through its column mapping.

    The boms then appear in the supplier database and you can pull them into any document - quotes, orders, invoices. To do same again rinse and repeat.

  2. Another route to get a similar future result with all your boms in a product database is...

Use Matt's route to get the data in then when those items are on the quote document select all the line items you want and push them into the product/supplier database.

This is so easy...>>
2a. select the line items on the quote then >> CONTROL+C
or Right click and copy.
2b. Then jump to the product database where you want to create the BOM
items or catalogue them for future reference.
2c. >> Right Click >> Append Paste.

Try it you might like these features!

( QW rocks at getting data in :0).


attached are sequential screenshots.

[ Work is not political ]

slightly relevant and a very nice 'tweak' in the new build...

5.6 build 1.03

Added new Product->Lookup window, right click menu "Associate item(s) with Folder..." This will now prompt you to choose a product database folder from a folder selection dialog. This can make this activity [of moving products around] faster than the existing way of selecting products, then Copying them, then navigating to a folder and right clicking and choose the "Associate copied items with this folder".

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