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Error msg on Preview of Cover Letter


One of my users can no longer use cover letters when delivering a quote, using QuoteWerks Web.  The error is attached.  

He gets this error even if he's logged into QW-W as administrator.  We recently updated to 5.6 and this could have started then.

Thanks for any help,

Kim Cruise


I'm not sure that the two errors are connected and so let's treat them separately...

Registry issue: do you mean logged into QuoteWerks as Administrator? Or their workstation as Administrator? If not already, then it might be worth trying logging into the workstation as Administrator. Also can you confirm whether 1) the User is able to send the email without attaching the Cover Letter, and 2) another User is able to successfully send an email with the Cover Letter?

Query timeout issue: looks like they are on the initialisation / login screen here. Usually this type of error is database connectivity... are they on a particularly slow internet connection? If they F5 refresh does that help?

Looks like the User is using Chrome; trying a different browser (Edge) might make a difference as it may be a Chrome plugin that's interfering.

Hope this helps! Steve.

Thank you Steve.  That does help.


Great! If you could post an update on the results, then that may help other Users with these unusual errors in the future. Or if your User is still having problems, then I can advise further.

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