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QuoteWerks "Web" strange BROWSER behavior

All is good login with one computer, but data is missing login from other two


Date is missing in the bottom list (ex. Doc date missing for several entries) the total result count is good

Tested with EDGE - CHROME

All is good from one out of three computer ..... even from my tablet

Thanks !








Found it. 

In fact the display of certain cells in the part of the list of documents is dependent on the settings in the BROWSER. 

As for example the date DAY, MONTH YEAR must be identical in the BROWSER and in QuoteWerks. Or even simpler the language of BROWSER must be English. 

Otherwise the MONTH becomes the DAY and the DAY the YEAR ... a nice mix

And There you go !


What version of QuoteWerks are you running?

I had this issue (UK date format is dd/mm/yyyy*) and a QW updated was needed to be applied.

*So, 1st January 2021 displayed fine, as did 6th May (as mm/dd, this was a valid date).

However, 27th February would have had the field blanked out as this wouldn't be understood in mm/dd format.

Matt, I don't know if it make sens,

It seems to me that Quotewerks (DESKTOP) takes its date and time information from Windows Regional settings.

On the other hand, the WEB version takes its data first from the server and the apply date and time settings from the CHROME-EDGE browser or others. 

By changing the language in chrome our dates are aligned in the right way

Our Windows are FRENCH-CANADIEN set at  yyyy-MM-dd

QuoteWerks DESKTOP applied   yyyy-MM-dd

But chrome was set as french and was applying  dd-MM-yy

by adding a second language (ENGLISH) it applies yyyy-MM-dd





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Just for the fun of it - 

Small test of interchange between ENGLISH and FRENCH and FRENCH and ENGLISH in google chrome and that changes everything .....



Nice to know.....

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Yep worked for me

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