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Importing line items in to a quote

Hi all

Is it possible to import from a CSV directly in to a quote itself? (not in to the product database). 

We deal with Frameworks here and we are often mandated to maintain a spreadsheet of all items we are quoting for. This can often be very long. When we finally get approval we will then convert the lines from the sheet in to a QW quote. 

This takes AGES!

I'd love to be able to import in to the quote from the spreadsheet (we can change the sheet layout to match any import function). 

Any ideas?


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Take a look at Paste Special.

This was the catalyst for one of my prospects taking on QuoteWerks.

They would often get 100+ lines that needed adding to QuoteWerks.

Once they'd done it once for SupplierX's format (mapping the columns), it then took only a couple of seconds.

This video is very detailed:

(56) QuoteWerks Paste Special - YouTube

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