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import products in different currencies to base currency

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to import a price list in a different currency to our native base currency. I am aware of how to change the base currency of products manually. This wouldn't be realistic in this case as there's too many products. I was looking for a way during the process of importing with the Wizard but did't see one. One should be able to choose the base currency while uploading a new price-list, right?

We have several international suppliers, which we order from in their home currencies (bur resell in ours). So I need to be able to have price-lists/files/folders with different base currencies in our data-base.

Can someone hint me in the right direction? 

Kind Regards


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Hi Maggie, take a look at the attached video.

Utilities > Exchange Rate Maintenance is where you find your currency codes.

(3.73 MB)
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