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Arrow Electronics Integration - Test Group

Are you an Arrow Electronics customer that wants to be able to retrieve Arrow quotes right into QuoteWerks?  We are looking for 3 - 5 customers to be in a select test group with Arrow.

To gain access to the integration, send an email to support requesting to be in the "Arrow Test Group" to the attention of Brian. You will also need to be on v5.7 Build 4 or later.

Version: 5.7    Build: 4    Release Date: 07/22/2022     Type: New     View All Features in Build

For Arrow Electronics users, you can now import quotes from Arrow. You can choose from a list of Arrow Electronics quotes created over the last 15, 30, 45, or 60 days. Alternately, you can enter in a specific Arrow quote number. Once found, you can import all the quote details into the QuoteWerks quote, saving time and reducing data entry error. To use this feature, click on the A button (Arrow Icon) located on the grid toolbar on the Document Items tab. The QuoteWerks Realtime Module is required for this functionality.

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