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How to select copy paste cells just like microsoft excel?

I've noticed that I pasted hundreds of lines in quotewerks docs but I would like to copy paste quickly on certain cells just like in excel without having to paste each cell individually. select and paste special feature does not help. Is there a better way to copy and paste.

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Can't be done natively within QW.

I commissioned a custom application (Find and Replace) for a client.

This allows them to do things like:

"Wherever a field is blank, replace with xyz, for all/selected lines"

Don't know if that's useful..

Hello Matt,

Find and replace would be very useful.  Is it possible to get copy/paste into all areas of Quotewerks?  I understand this may be a large undertaking but I would like to see some areas for Copy/Paste functionality being added to the roadmap.

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