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How do I transfer my QW license to my new computer?  I am a single license user

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Here are the steps to moving QuoteWerks for a Single User Install.


1. Locate your QuoteWerks Directory/folder on your computer (To Check your Install Path, Log into QuoteWerks and Click on Help --> About --> System --> Install Path.  It should be in the C:\Applications folder)


2. Make a backup of the entire QuoteWerks folder


3. On your new computer, create a C:\Applications folder

4. Copy the entire QuoteWerks folder to the new computer's C:\Applications folder (this can be done via a network, or may require extra hardware such as an external or USB jump drive).


5. Once the copy completes successfully delete or rename the QuoteWerks folder from the original machine just to avoid confusion or possibly working in the wrong QuoteWerks. (Be sure to save your backup file though, just in case!)


6. Once the QuoteWerks Directory (folder) has been placed on your new computer, navigate to the QuoteWerks folder. Inside the QuoteWerks Directory/folder you will find a file named NSETUP.EXE.  

7. Double click on NSETUP.EXE to launch the file (Node Installation program)


8. That's it, your single user install will be ready to use.

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