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How to include optional discounts?

So the scenario is that we offer a discount to Military and EMS members.  I can't find a way to have 1 quote (especially applicable with Quote Valet) .  I'm trying to add an optional where the user identifies he's Military and a discount is applied based on the running subtotal.  Discounts don't seem to have an " optional" setting.

Consequently, every time a customer remembers to ask for the discount after the fact,  I need to amend the quote.

My bottom line is a product/service line that is based on the price of he above items using a formula line (right-click > edit product/service properties; choose totaling; define the items you wish to base the discount on and set a negative percentage (the discount percentage))

The client identifies that they are MIL/EMS via email (or on the phone), we confirm status prior to invoice.

The client is requested to identify if they are MIL/EMS when they request their estimate. 80% don't.The example you've identified will work.  How do I do it?

Something being optional can only be applied to product/service type lines.

Could your 'discount' line be a product/service line based on a formula (negative %)

How does the client identify they qualify for a discount?

Something like this? 


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