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SuiteCRM Connection Question


Ive been trial SuiteCRm. Its a branch off SugarCRM and I have been attempting to connect the contacts module from SuiteCRM to QW.

So, it basically fails.

I have tested this with the latest build of QW 5.3 Build 3.17

It verifies the Server address, but fails on the Username & Password.

I know its a "stretch", but anyone have any idea what could be the issue.

I know I can hit the site fine using some c# code and this works




Any ideas, or has anyone used suiteCRM and QW together


For SuiteCRM 7.11.1


It works but you can't save the quote twice, there will be error Int13.

Hi Terry,

Thank you for looking into this, this change resolves my issue with using suiteCRM with QW.

Appreciate your assistance on this one



So I was talking to our Developers to get some more information on what the core of this issue is here. Ultimately this is not a QuoteWerks issue.  Something has happened to the XML/PHP functions of your self-hosted SugarCRM Suite and our Developers were well enough to track down what was the source of the issue.

The issue was in the Target name space url. <xsd:schema..." line.  That ">" is on a different line.  It shouldn't be.  It should be, "">"


Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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