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Default Billing Contact(s) Connectwise/Quickbooks

We are struggling with default billing contacts, and I'm thinking we're just explaining things wrong to support and not on the same page.

We are having issues with invoices going to the wrong person.  Many companies have a dedicated ap contact, and that is not the person receiving or approving a quote.  Both Connectwise and Quickbooks allow us to designate a billing contact.

Shouldn't quotewerks be able to read and populate the billing contact, so that when I send a quote to Joe at Company X, the Bill to is pulled from the Company X Designated billing contact?  We can't figure out how to do that, and support hasn't been able to assist.  

If you can't do that, shouldn't there at least be a way to setup the export so that if I export an invoice for Company X, it disregards my sold to contact and sends to the designated billing contact setup in Quickbooks?

I can't believe that if both applications have a field for billing contact, Quotewerks would disallow use of both. The sales people doing the quotes shouldn't have to know each companies billing contact.  

I'm always amazed at how infrequently situations, like this, don't seem to affect many companies.

I work with many QW/CW/QB users and this query isn't one I've come across in 13 years.. when know I read about it seems so obvious.

Could one workaround be to ask the client to enter the billing contact/email as part of the QuoteValet acceptance (assuming you use QuoteValet and the person accepting the quote knows who that is) ?

That information then automatically downloads into the relevant fields in QuoteWerks without anyone your side having to do anything.

I've deployed this to many of my clients and it has avoided invoices not ending up with the right person/email address.

(Or, in most cases, after the horse has bolted a few times; situations where the accounts dept. know nothing of the invoices as it wasn't forwarded on what sent to the person that signed off on the quote) 

Yes that is correct.  At least in connectwise, the default billing contact is specified, so I'm picturing just pulling another field - (ex address, city, state, zip, email, billing email)  

that would be adequate.  In CW, this is specified on the finance tab under invoice delivery options (note many have a cc: listed as well).  In QB, this is Main email and CC email.

Or at least not getting in the way on the quickbooks side - in QB if I generate a new invoice for company1, it knows who to send it to. 

Surely I'm not the only one struggling with this?

I follow your explanation, very clear.

QuoteWerks does not automatically pull the billing contact, that would be quite a large request for it to be able to do that.

To confirm the process:

You're pulling ContactA from ConnectWise (which has ContactZ set as the billing contact for that company) for a quote.

ContactA approves the quote

You then want QW to export to QuickBooks to the billing contact set for that company in QuickBooks (which should be the same as ContactZ above)

It is instead only referencing ContactA at every point?

bump - any ideas or feedback?

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