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Fault Error 0 when logging on to Salesforce from Quotewerks

We have intergrated quotewerks with salesforce successfully but just recently got a fault code0 when trying to find contact info while in quotewerks. wondering if anyone has had this problem

We are seeing it too. no resolution yet. has pushed through a change that has been coming for some time (see ).  QuoteWerks has had the ability to work with this change since May of 2016.  Updating your QuoteWerks to v 5.1 b6.07 or higher will resolve the issue.

Version: 5.1    Build: 6.03    Release Date: 05/25/2016     Type: New     
Effective June 25th, 2016 now requires all SOAP queries to be sent using the TLS 1.1 protocol. QuoteWerks now supports this. The TLS 1.1 protocol is not available on Windows XP machines, so any users that wish to use QuoteWerks (or any other software) to interact with services will need to be running the software on Windows Vista or higher. Additionally, TLS 1.1 requires that the Microsoft .NET framework version 4.5 be installed and Internet Explorer (IE) 11 or higher needs to be installed. In Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE), TLS 1.1 must be enabled. To enable, click on the Gear/Settings button in IE and select Internet Options from the menu. Go to the Advanced tab, and under the Security section, make sure that TLS v1.1 is checked. The QuoteWerks integration to also automatically supports the TLS 1.2 protocol. For more details visit: 

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