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mscrm and QuoteWerks document Revisions

Hello All, we have a client who use ms crm 8.2. They were recently using qw 5.3 b1.12 and the default behaviour was that whenever they saved a quote revision then it would get appended to the documents already in mscrm. However, this stopped happening about a fortnight ago and now each time they create a revision the revised document overwrites the existing document and also, the document amount is set to zero and, as the revised document is being saved they see the message, for each existing product ....

Error adding QUOTE item

Error: The detail cannot be created because the parent is not editable.

and then, no products are added.

They have updated their QuoteWerks installation to qw 5.3 b3.20 but the problem still exists.

We have been in contact with the QuoteWerks Support team and they have confirmed that the default behaviour for sending items across to mscrm is to have the revised document overwrite the existing document.

Are any mscrm users experiencing a similar problem as described above ..... revised documents in mscrm from QuoteWerks used to be saved but are now being overwritten? And if so, did you manage to come up with a solution.

My client have been in touch with Microsoft and are waiting to hear back from them. 

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We ended up having to write our own application which overcomes the problem that this user was experiencing.

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