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Same quote, multiple customers


We are manufacturers reps quoting construction products for specific projects to a group of contractors.  Is there a way to use the same quote and add multiple customers under same quote number and email all at once?  I always struggle with this.




Not easily, no.

Best way is to create the quote once and create revisions for each contractor.

Hi Tom,

At a base level...It sounds like you really just need a way on the Send email window to choose multiple customers email addresses to email the quote to. Do you really need to record the multiple customers in the quote itself?

Thanks for the response John.  I don't want to record in the quote multiple customers, but the quote is for a bidding project and more than one company is bidding it.   It is rather clunky for me now as once I create a quote for a specific project and email it, I have to go back and assign a new bidder, email, and repeat.  Sometimes there may be 6 to 8 bidders.   I have to recreate the email message also. 

I've always thought that being able to do something like:

CustomTextXX at DocumentHeader level =;;;

Then be able to put a BCC macro of CustomTextXX, which then copies in the text in that custom text field would be useful.

Could have a myriad of other uses, such as copying in appropriate colleagues or suppliers.

Hi Tom,

ok, narrowing it down now...I think you can just create the quote, don't put any contractor information in the soldtocompany, soldtoemail fields, then choose File-Print, [Send email]


Choose "Mass E-mail"

when in this MASS EMAIL mode, simply put a list of email addresses in the TO box separated by commas.

When you click the SEND button it will send a separate email to each of the TO recipients and none of them will know that you sent the same email to the other person. It is a really cool feature. 

Let me know if this works for you!

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