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Service/labor items

Looking for a method whereby service/labor entries aren't passed through to purchasing as an item to order.  I only need that information on the quote.

It would be possible to 'trick' QuoteWerks into thinking these items have already been ordered.

Basically, by applying 'dummy' information into the relevant fields that QW uses to identify if an item has been purchased or not.

This would involve a little bit of coding and I've had not dissimilar done for other clients.

Nothing native to QW as far as I'm aware.

Hi Jay ~

Are you talking about excluding certain items from the QuoteWerks purchasing window or items sent over to your CRM?  If you mean the purchasing window, you can exclude certain item types from showing up there under Tools --> Options --> Accounting, set  your options, then close & re-open.  The latest version and build has the ability to exclude up to eight different item types

The details on this can be found in our help manual at 

Oops! Forgot about that!


That worked perfectly.   Thank you!!!

Super!  Let us know if you run into anything else!

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