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Partial invoicing

We often quote for large projects and have a payment schedule such as 25% with order, 25% on delivery to site, 30% on commissioning and 20% on go live. I'm trying to work out if there is a way to partially convert an order to an invoice whilst leaving the remaining part of the order outstanding. Does anybody else do this in QW and how have you done it? I know we could transfer the order into our Sage 50 accounts system and then partially invoice from there but I'm trying to manage the commercials (other than the pure accounting aspects) of the projects through a single system for reporting purposes.



How does this sound.

Quote of £1,000 converted to Order.

  • Convert Order to Invoice and adjust the invoice to £250
  • Convert Order to Invoice (again) and adjust the invoice to £250
  • Convert Order to Invoice (again) and adjust the invoice to £300
  • Convert Order to Invoice (again) and adjust the invoice to £200

You then have your one order and 4 invoices (with the 4 invoices equalling the order value).

Am I oversimplifying?

Hi Matt Nope, your not oversimplifying it. That works for me. You've also given me another idea that works in the order process. By creating a master quote and then multiple revisions with the different values I can create 4 orders which we can then convert to invoices at the appropriate time.

Excellent news.. I'm normally quite good at missing something obvious, but glad we seem to have found something that works for you!

QuoteWerks will have a little 'witter' at you when you try to convert something (an order) more than once, as this isn't "normal" but you can click Yes to continue through.

If you don't already have it, then there's information on our QuoteWerks & Sage 50 Account integration here.

Ask you QuoteWerks Reseller or email me - for more information.

This is kind of an older thread, but we accomplished this by having a dialog box pop-up when generating an Invoice Layout we named "Partial Payment Invoice".  The dialog box asks what percentage you would like to invoice.  Then it takes that input and multiplies it to all of the required fields on the Invoice.  It also titles the Invoice with the percentage being invoiced.

Then we make sure to save a linked Invoice with a name representing the amount invoiced for record keeping.   

If this seems helpful I can share more details!

Jason Munzer...We just purchased Quotewerks and we also need to invoice for down payments. Your answer sounds like a solution I could use. If you don't mind sharing details with me that would be wonderful. Specifically, how to create the dialog box. 

Thank you!

This is how we do it, but there could be better ways:

1) Go into your Invoice and open the layout designer.

2) Click on Report->Dialog Field->New

3) Name it something like "DownPaymentPercentage", and select Numeric, and click OK

4) Click on Report->Dialog Field->Edit.  Pick "DownPaymentPercentage" and click OK.

5) For the user prompt, you can say something like "Enter the down payment percentage"

6) Prompt order should be 1 if you have no other dialog's

7) Field Width Leave alone

8) Initial Value you can set if you want there to be a pre-filled amount like 10%, which I would enter as just "10".  Hit OK.

9) Now you need to edit all of the pertinent fields on the Invoice form, and change them to formulas.  To do this, the formulas need to multiply the fields by "dlg->downpaymentpercentage*.01".  So for example, if you are using "documentitems->&extendedcost_actual", change it to a Formula that is "documentitems->&extendedcost_actual*(dlg->downpaymentpercentage*.01)"  That will take the Extended Cost and multiply it by the percentage that is entered in the initial dialog popup.  You have to do that to all of the calculation/number fields on the invoice that need to be multiplied by that down payment percentage.

10) In the header I created a Formula with "dlg->downpaymentpercentage" in it, and made it a big label.  So I can see what percentage was applied to the form printed right on it.

I hope that helps!  Hopefully I didn't miss anything. 

Thank you Jason! This helps a lot. I will give this a try. 

I also like using the "save document as revision" feature sometimes to get the visibility on sequential paperwork.
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