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Change in Cost - After Quote Approved by Customer

Hi All, what is the correct or recommended workflow for the following scenario. I have a supplier who can change my list price and discount sometimes even after the customer approves the quote. Now since I have already quoted the customer I don't want to change the quote but when I go to place the order I might get additional discount or discount value may change which would in turn affect my cost. What should I do in this scenario so I don't loose the original quote and also continue to work on the order moving forward with my new costs. Appreciate everyone's help/advise.

If you convert the quote to an order, the new order should be unlocked. Any changes you make to that will leave the quote as it is. Alternatively, I resell an application that allows users to override certain fields, even when the document is locked - works really well.

Thanks Matt, I did that it works fine. 

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