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Inserting quantity for line items into proposal

Hi , i'm new to customizing proposal templates. I'm trying to add the quantities of specific line items into our proposal template. It's for our service agreements and i would like to pull the total quantity from our IT support product and toolkit product into our minimum user and device count on the proposal.

I would imagine it would be a varible similar to this &DI_&Line1ManufacturerPartNumber but for quantity.  &DI_&Line1QTY isn't real, but is there another variable that would?

For the time being i'm just pulling from custom numbers 1 & 2 but this is a manual process.

this is a word template i'm trying to set this on.

I'm assuming that you're summing the totals of several Line Items. Take a look at the default Word Proposal supplied when you install QuoteWerks and how the ItemType.Totals are calculated - this might help you achieve what you're trying to do.

I agree with Steve, the supplied Word template is a great starting to point to understand the concepts and I often copy/paste and then tweak from those templates.

Alternatively, as Steve will attest, we can remove lots of manual processes using scripting logic.

For example, Find Part# ABC and Part# XYZ, add the quantities of those lines to CustomFieldX

You then, in your template, only have to worry about pulling the right field; the script does a lot of the hard work.

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