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Import option to remove old products

woul be good to have this option when importing price lists

Update Existing Products and append new products and delete old products

That way old products will be deleted from the database

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@Stefano: so another step after Step 4 of the import wizard to summarise the expected changes?

Perhaps the concept of a Recycle Bin could be introduced which would be just a standard QuoteWerks Product Data Source to move the 'what would be trashed' records to...

Hi steve, yes; basically indicating by using associated folders as the mechanics QW could give users a bit more visibility on what's been imported or changed and that should be an option on the import wizard. I noticed yesterday whilst trying to tidy up a database and its folders that.... !! The associated folders "folder list" seem to ghost products if/when they have been 'removed' [disassociated] from a folder. I think that needs a fix as well, seperate to this !! Using a seperate database could be an idea but maybe my concept is to optionally keep the data in the same database or eventually delete the old data once happy with the import. These sorts of features along with an edit line item on product lookup are in my opinion much overdue. Getting data in is easy. Managing it within QW is not fast enough and I dont like exporting re-importing lists all the time. Luckily I know a few medic tricks thanks to you and Terry but really that should be last option on managing data.
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