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Import option to remove old products

woul be good to have this option when importing price lists

Update Existing Products and append new products and delete old products

That way old products will be deleted from the database

Yes, this would be nice

When importing a new price list. I put the date into a custom field.

I can then identify those items that weren't updated and then delete those.

Not ideal,  but that does get the end result.

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Definitely would like to have a DELETE ITEMS option when importing.

Matt Rose suggestion does work with a few but it's painful with many items.

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yes we import or update 100,000 products per day from suppliers and would get 100's of obsolete products per week from supplier pricelists so currently have many obsolete products sitting in our QuoteWerks products database

Got a new price list from one of our suppliers today.

Import wizard step3 advanced, mapping selections, notes, manually add a customized note for all with today date or something else unique for this import.

Step 4, I use Update and Append

Field1 in my csv list cross match with QW ManufacturerPartNumber

The I have List and NOTES to update.

I can do the same on other customized field.

After import I went to the product lookup windows and organized by notes column.

It was very easy to see which product were from the new price list and which one are left untouched.

Select those untouched and delete all at once.

This is faster for me than making a discontinued items list to delete on import.

yes but I import pricelists daily and there are 13 of them which I receive from suppliers automatically loaded to an import folder.

all the imports on done via batch/script overnight, so I do not currently do anything manually and don't want to have to.

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