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Quotewerks Repeatedly Crashing after Windows 10 and Computer Upgrade

I'm hoping for some help, because so far Quotewerks Support and my IT company have been unable to figure out why we are seeing repeated crashes since upgrading our computers.  The new computers are running Windows 10.  We seem to most commonly get crashes after not using Quotewerks for some period of time, and then coming back to it.  It could be 5 minutes, or an hour away from interacting with it.

This is what we have tried so far:

- Re-enabling .Net 3.5

- Turning off the Sleep Setting for our network cards

- Uninstalling and reinstalling Quotewerks at the Nodes

- Reassigning the permissions for the .dll files that seem to be "causing" the crashes in the Event Log.

Has anyone else seen any issues like this?  It's getting very frustrating! 

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Could you make sure that the Appearance has been set to [System] .....

Tools -> My Preferences -> Appearance

and then see if that helps.

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