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VPN Config with Quotewerks Desktop

Has anyone configured the desktop version to run across a VPN?  We have the SQL database so this should be feasible but cant find any documentation about how to set it up on the remote PC.  Any advice would be helpful.


Are you seeing any error messages at all? A vpn should allow you to connect to your remote files and folders. Once you have access to your remote QuoteWerks folder then try running the nsetup.exe file and see if that works.

No error message but what I am really looking for is how to put the key executable on the local PC in order to help the speed



Thank you,


Steve Willits

Willits Technologies, Inc.


A number of my clients are copying the entire QW folder to a local machine (say via sync'd Sharepoint folder), using an SQL Azure database as the central location for key data.

This works. Whether it's officially supported or not is another question.

Speed difference is negligible from being on the network, as the application itself is open on the local machine.

I can see possible problems with that approach if users then decide to amend layouts, reports, resource documents etc.

When using a Sharepoint library, sync'd, not yet experienced any issues (emphasis on yet).

Thanks Matt.  I may try the Sharepoint thing. 

Do Do you have any advice for paid VPN services?

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