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QW as RemoteAPP with Quickbooks Integration

We are looking to move to Quickbooks as our accounting software soon, so I would want to set up a server with QW and QB running so they can talk to each other. I'd really like to make it easy for users and not have to remote desktop, so can I publish QW and QB as RemoteAPP's, and will they still be able to talk to / integrate with each other?

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 We are in the process of attempting to configure Quotewerks as a Remote Desktop App. It is not 100 percent functional but will describe what has been done for your own troubleshooting and setup.

Note that we have Quickbooks running as a remote desktop app with no issues.

Network setup.

Server OS: Windows 2016 in a domain environment.

Database location on a network share. Network share location also is a Windows 2016 OS.

Quotewerks is installed on both systems.

-Permissions (full) on the network location are:


RemoteWebWorkplace Users

RemoteDesktop Users

Domain Users


User Experience with remote access:

Users VPN in to connect to an internal segmented network where the front end to the RDSWeb is the only accessible item. No other devices are on this segment.

The user logs into the RDSweb portal and is presented with a few options.

Word, Excel, Outlook, Quickbooks, and now Quotewerks.

When QuoteWerks Remote app is started with the Admin credentials, (Not the actual Quotewerks login but the RDWEB connection phase) the application works as desired no matter what user ID is used to log into Quotewerks.

However, When a non domain admin attempts to start the Quotewerks app, a number of errors will appear, Usually stating missing files or unregistered files. If the listed files are then "Registered" the app will start but crash with additional error of missing files. The files it is looking for are in a different location than where the application is installed on the RDS. "Choose alternate install location when setting up application" I have created the folder(s) that the message states where it is looking for them and copied files into it. But have not been able to start Quotewerks fully as it will crash. I have copied permissions of what the custom install location has.

Possible issues are:

Permissions.It runs when connecting the the Web app via administrator login.

Application looking for "default" install location.

Registry entries for install location vs logged in user.

Permissions on local "Default" and "Custom" install location.

Why the application was not installed at "Default" location is I don't know. Lol. I am just the: "Here , We did this, make this work" guy.

I have not received permission to remove the install and re-install in default location. I don't even know if it was installed in the proper TS fashion.

Don't know if this will help or not. Once I can find (Hopefully) a resolution, I will post.

Some of the basics for installing QuoteWerks for use on a RDS are

* Put the QuoteWerks folder in C:\Applications\ folder (or "anywhere" but C:\Program Files\)

* Give domain "Users" "Full Access" Security permission to the QuoteWerks folder and all subfolders

* Use the QuoteWerks "QW Launch" to remove any already registered installations (see C:\Program Files\Common Files\QuoteWerks\QWLaunch.exe)

* Put the server in install mode (cmd prompt "change user /install")

* Run the QuoteWerks nsetup.exe "As Administrator"

* Take the server out of install mode (cmd prompt "change user /execute")

* Try running QW from the Admin account

* Try running QW from a standard User account

* Try running QW as a Remote Desktop App

Occasional more advanced configuration requirements include stopping any antivirus of firewall software from scanning the QuoteWerks folder, running teh program "As Administrator", running the program with compatibility settings on.

"Debugging" issues can include removing and contact manager integration or other add-ons, reinstalling Office, reinstalling the contact manager depending on the issues found.

Hope this all helps!

Thank you for clarifying the steps to install on an RDS server. The files located in the Appications folder makes sense now. I did retry to add it with the standard RDS install method as you have described. This did not work. On a hunch from one of the errors displayed, I created a BAT file to start the executable. When I placed this on the RDS Remote APP choices, users are able to use Quotewerks without issue.

Here is the script I ended up with:

@echo off

Start /B "" "\\uncpath\quotewerks\qw.exe"

Exit /B 0

Replace "uncpath" to where ever you have the executable at.

Only downside to this method (so far) is that the Quotewerks Icon is not displayed in the RDS portal, Just the generic windows icon. Unless Higher-ups want the nice graphic or I have extra time on my hands, it is staying that way.

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