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Issues during upgrade

Issues with upgrade. I went to update to the 1/23/18 update. 
I ran the upgrade but it seems to have hung up. 

The first time I ran it, it ended up failing after an hour. 

The second time, I had to do the upgrade again. 

From there it's hung. The uninstallwise process has 20-30% CPU utilization 


I could really use some help/insight. What do you think is happening? 

Windows 10 Pro

Office 2016


*Touch Wood* In 12 years, I've never seen a QW update start but not finish, but that doesn't help you..

As an IT company, I'm sure you've checked the obvious:

-No A/V pop-ups/warnings

-Connection to the QW server still OK

-Connectivity from the machine you're using to update OK

-Full Control of the QuoteWerks / System32 / SysWOW64 folders

Is it failing at any obvious point, like a file it's trying to update?


It is unusual for QuoteWerks to take that much time to install or not finish as Matt mentioned. 

I will have a QuoteWerks Technical Support Representative follow-up with you. If you have questions before they contact you, please feel free to give us a call at 407-248-1481 or email

I just had the upgrade fail on me tonight and am stuck until I can contact support anr they rerun the scripts to fix their buggy software. QuoteWerks always fails during updates. Almost everytime I have to open a support case for them to resolve.

I can confirm that as of about a year ago, when I upgrade the installation, from my computer (towards the server), everything completes, but the installer never exits at the end. It stays stuck in the task manager (some ~GL#### task or something similar).

I even get the initial launch after nsetup portion completes so that whatever update scripts need to run actually do run, but in the end, a CTRL+ALT+DEL and End Task is the only way to exit the installer.

I have reported to support but this is apparently not duplicatable. I have tried all the A/V stuff, and I am always installing with "Run as Administrator" privileges, so there's really not a good explanation for where it's getting stuck or why.

The same problem happens with me when I am trying to upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10 in my pc its hangup and I have to do so many times after contacting 

Bitdefender Error 1020
 they solve this issue and now my pc is running well.
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