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Am I able to put my QW folder on my sharepoint site and share it with a remote install as well? Templates, Recourses, Images etc


I may need to know more about your overall network setup to answer this 100% accurately, but in theory as long as you are on QuoteWerks Corporate with the backend databases re-hosted to a central SQL Server, then the SharePoint share may be used across multiple Users instead of going the Remote User route. There can be issues around multiple Users changing the same file at the same time causing conflicts though.

We and several of our clients use QuoteWerks in this way. If you do not have a server to host the SQL Server database on, then we offer this as a service. Email me - - if you'd like to know more about this service.

Hi Peter,

A number of my clients have done this over the last 12 months, with "Unless you absolutely cannot, work from home" being the message over here in the UK.

Existing scenario:

  • Client has QuoteWerks folder on their server
  • Client has SQL Database on their server


  • Move QuoteWerks Database to SQL Azure database (cloud)
  • Move QuoteWerks folder to a shared/sync'd location, such as Dropbox or a Sharepoint Library*
  • Tell QW to look for the database in the Azure location.

*The key with a sharepoint library is that this must be sync'd down to each user machine, so the files are available locally on each machine.

This means that the user is opening QW on the own machine, but it's looking for the database in the cloud.

This eliminates the need for syncing (assuming an internet connection is always present) and every quote you create/edit, any product database you modify, etc, is done in real time.

The only things not done in real time are things like changes to quote layouts, these are sync'd and can take a minute or two.

Just as a thought QuoteWerks Technical Support Team: do you officially support the method of having QuoteWerks on OneDrive / DropBox / SharePoint Matt and I are talking about...? Thank you, Steve.

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Any answer to this question?  We would be interested in moving our QuoteWerks Folder as well.

Hi Andy, Works lovely, with the Sharepoint folder sync'd and something like an Azure database. I've done this for dozens of clients.

any process documented for changing our current setup?

I've not documented it, no, but can usually get I completed within an hour of screensharing.

Andy, I have had Matt do this for me. Works an absolute treat!

Matt, let's discuss... i'll shoot you an email.

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