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Login History Report?

Is there login history report located anywhere? For clarification, I'd like to see which users logged in, when, how long, etc., please.

Thanks in advance!

Utilities > Show Logged In Users > Event Viewer

You can choose the appropriate category/user

You can export the data to Excel if that's useful.

Thank you for the quick response, Matt.

I may be doing something wrong here or maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. When I follow your instructions, it only allows me to see data on the logged in users; and that info isn't very useful. For example, I chose the category Licensing LoginSuccess and a particular user's name under RefUserName. He's logged in every day; however, no events populated (as if he has never logged in). 

The report I'm looking is for is something that shows John Doe logged in on <list of dates> Jane Doe logged in on <list of> dates, etc. I'd like to see when each user's log in activity, please.

Thanks again for the quick response!

What am I missing?

The below shows every time Matt Rose logged in (date/time).

I can look at a particular user, or all users using the drop-down at the top.


Thanks, Matt.

This is exactly what I'm looking for; however, my report doesn't populate anything like that. 

Seems like my next step is to submit a support ticket. Maybe something on the backend that needs to be adjusted.

Thank you for your help!

Happy to have a screenshare to assist, if you wish.

You might be missing something, you might not, but could be worth the couple of minutes it'd take.

Ping me an email if you want me to take a look.

Much appreciated, Matt!

Thanks so much for your tenacity!

Thanks for all your help, Matt! 

I submitted a support ticket and, as figured, it was a simple solution.

Tools>Options>Security Tab

There are 2 checkboxes for login/logoff attempts. In my case, these were not checked. Upon setting those, your solution above worked perfectly!

Thanks again!

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