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Single month quotewerks margin versus year long agreement margin

I'm not sure if this is a mindset question or something that needs adjusted in one program or the other.

We use quotewerks and connectwise.  We sell managed services on monthly contracts typically with multi year agreements.  

In quotewerks this is only treated as one month of numbers/margin/credit to the sales person etc.

In connectwise it shows up as a year long with x12 margin.

I've gone back and forth with support a bit and have been told basically not to think about it the way I am.  For example I'm not closing on x12 margin in may, I'm just getting the one month etc, but as far as quotewerks appears to be concerned, is that I only sold one month of it EVER.

Do I just view quotewerks as a one time thing and do my actual reporting from connectwise?  I just can't seem to reconcile this difference in my head.  Thanks!

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What are you looking to achieve?

You sell WidgetX for £1/month, costing you £0.50

Are you wanting to see that as a £12 order, with £6 cost?

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