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Reports - Summary Report showing only Quote Total

I'm fairly new to QW and created a report with a new layout. 
I'd like this report to summarize each quote to show only one line item per quote. The report returns each line in the quote.

The layout named OUTSTND.FPC returns what I want, but I've noticed that if I clone that report and edit the layout, it changes the information for EVERY report using that layout. I determined I needed to create a new layout for just the summary information, but then I ran into the above issue. I've compared the 2 layouts and can't see where I'm going wrong. 

Example is attached. 

Thank you in advance!

(14.7 KB)

On the screen where you edit the report, on the Filter tab, please ensure that just the "Force inclusion of Document Headers table" and not the "Force inclusion of Document Items table".

Hi Steve,


That did it! Thank you so much!


On another reporting note: is there a way to automate a .csv report?

Take a look at the "/r" command line parameter in the QuoteWerks Command Line Parameters section of the Help Guide here:

You could automate this by setting up a Scheduled Task to run a ".bat" batch file on a scheduled basis.

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