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Question on setting up products

I am setting up our products now; there are several products that are physical products, that I don’t want to allow
our sales reps to add to a quote; instead, these need to be part of a configuration.

Is there a way to “hide” these from the products so they can’t be manually added?



Hi Thaddeus, 

You would have to place these products into their own product sources and hide the product sources from those who do not need to see them. You aren't able to hide individual product lines but if all of those options are within a single product source, you can choose who is able to view those products by using permission settings so you could set everyone besides the administrator to not be able to see these items. This would however mean that the administrator would need to setup those configurations in order to add the products to the configuration, unless you create the configurations before hiding the product source.

I hope this helps but do wait for further comments since there are many other talented and informed members in the community that actively comment so I am sure you will get a few more responses.

Best Regards,

Brandon Haycock

As Brandon says, above. 

Can't see another way to achieve what you want. The way above is recommended.

Thank you- this helps!

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