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Drop Down Choices

Is there a way to create a drop down choice selection?  I am interested in creating a new product that can have multiple color options.  Instead of creating a new line item for each color, I would like to choose a color after I have chosen the product to sell.  Think of it like this.  We sell 100 types balls, each ball has 10 color choices.  It would be easier to create 100 items with ten options each instead of 1000 line items. 

Could you choose the color as an 'optional' item?

You could then easily say that Ball A is available in X, Y, Z color; whereas Ball B is available in A, B, C, X, Y colors.

Or add all of the color options at the end of the description and then delete those you don't want to present to the client?

The additional items would defeat the process I am trying to accomplish. Havi my all the colors will create possible problems

Are all colours available for all balls?


So, my question is - how is QuoteWerks to know which options are available for which ball?

You can create a lookup of ball colour options, but this would be global to all balls, not a particular ball.

One option is you use CustomText fields to store each colour ball.

You can then see that Ball A has ColorA/B/C/D

You can then see that Ball B has Color B/D/F/G

Could that work?

Your question is my question.  The manufacture of the product I am trying to sell/purchase does not have separate sku # for each color.  There is only one sku# and I am to specify the color.  I was hoping that quotewerk would have an option to have a drop down choice of colors.  Lets say custom text that would have different colors.  Is there a way to choose the item and then choose the custom text to associate with said item?  


You would need to do something like:

Description : Ball A

CustomText01: Color1

CustomText02: Color2

CustomText03: Color3

CustomText04: Color4

CustomText05: Color5

You could then display those columns next to the description, to see which options were available for that type of ball.

thank you for your time, but this is not a route I am interested in 

Then, QuoteWerks doesn't do what you'd like.

Could a custom script help? Possibly.

Going back to the original question: is an F2 Lookup an option here..?

I think, because some balls are only available in some colours, this wouldn't work.

If we put all ball colours into an F2 it could be possible for a user to choose a ball (product) and a colour (F2) that isn't available as an option.

Matthew - 

What you're requesting is common in the apparel industry.  That field will have a base part for a garment (or toy, in your case), with a "color code" suffix appended at the end.  The warehousing software company I used to be with addressed the "color code" suffix by referencing a secondary dataset that could be associated with parts (it was pretty complex and allowed for an insane number of possibilities).

To get QuoteWerks to handle what you're requesting would require some custom macro development.  It might be possible (the consultants out there would have to chime in) to parse info stored in one of the CustomMemo fields associated with a part (using a line feed or comma delimiter) to allow a user to select a color, and drop that value into a CustomText field.

I often come up with crazy approaches to problems, but maybe Matt Rose could take the idea and run with it for you.  Of course the question comes down to if you want to pay a pro consultant to dig into it.

It's a great idea that might make sense for some industries if Aspire wants to add the feature.

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