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Product Setup

I am struggling with how to setup a group of items.  I need a way to quote some products that my company does not bill out and I don't want them coming into my accounting side at all either.  These items are "as a service" related that we can sell to a customer but they are billed out by a different company.  We get an upfront bonus as a company to sell these items but there is no cost to us when doing this.  Thoughts?  I'm not sure if I am being clear enough on the description 

Also is there a way to add items to a quote and not have them appear in the totals?  

You could edit the system settings so that Optional items do not show the word "Optional", and then you could make the lines optional not selected.  This will prevent them from transferring to ConnectWise or being included in the total. Not sure if that is what you are looking to accomplish.

Just so I understand.. are you wanting to do something like this?


In this case, you want the subtotal to be £10, not £3010.

You need to show the customer what it's going to cost, but you don't want that value to be pushed forward for billing?

We integrate with Connectwise for our help desk solution and then Quickbooks is the accounting package.  I'm probably going to need to remove the items from the quote before accepting it, but just figured there had to be an easier way.  

Is there a way to adjust the amount that shows in the Subtotal Amount on the quote?  

I think I'd enter the Cost Price as the Selling Price less Bonus on these Items so that my Margins calculated correctly. What accounting package are you using? Is there a way to filter Bonus Items out before sending across?

I can't exclude the line as I need it to print out on the quote and make the customer aware of the amount.  

Could you use the Exclude Line Attribute option?

Alternatively, you can apply something to a custom field (say "Do Not Include") and that value can be deducted from the totals.

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