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Product Brochure Attachments

I would like to have product brochure attachments automatically attach to emails based on the products in the proposal.  Emails will contain multiple products therefore some of the emails will have larger size files to email.  What is the largest size attachments that can be emailed?  

I don't believe QW would apply any limitation.

It's more likely to be a limitation on you/your clients email server rules.

I've sent 25mb+ emails without issue (outside QW)

Alternatively, you could use a file upload service and send them the link to download.

Alternatively, if you're using QuoteValet, I don't believe this has a file size limitation.

Is there a way to automatically have quotewerks attach the brochures without attaching them manually? 

Yes. If you edit a product, there is a spec sheet option on the advanced tab.

Whenever that product is on the quote, it’ll include the spec. sheet

If multiple items have the same spec sheet, will quotewerks recognize the redundancy and only upload one or will it repeat. 

Just the one will be included

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Thank you for your help. 

For an optional way to provide information, could a web link also be set up to automatically be created?

If so, how?

Yup. Back to the advanced tab and you'll see a field for ItemURL. You can include this in a client facing template.
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