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How do you setup QuoteValet to accept a down payment?

 For most of our proposals, we accept a downpayment to begin work, and will bill them for the remainder. How do we setup QuoteValet to give the user an option to pay the entire amount vs. only the downpayment?

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This is not currently possible.

I'm wondering if it could be done by tweaking the HTML, to see if this could be forced as an option, but that'd take a little time to configure and test. Do you do this routinely on your quotes?

Hi Randy,

For the QuoteWerks quote, simply set your deposit amount and when the user accepts the quote they will be prompted to pay the deposit amount. They will only be able to pay the deposit amount. It is the action of setting a deposit amount that causes QuoteValet to only try to collect the Deposit amount. 

After that you need to manually use the option on the QuoteValet tab of the Quote WorkBook to request payment for the remaining amount.

Are you trying to collect the deposit by credit card and the balance by check? Let me know your real-world needs. We are actually working on improving the payment features right now, so a quick response from you will ensure your input is considered.

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John - We have a real world use case exactly like you described. 

We're about to review our accounting practices and implementing deposit collection via credit card would potentially help us reduce the time required to get a project started.

With the new options around payment in a recent build (discount/surcharges etc.)....

I would like to be able to offer credit card payment for the full amount (with small discount) OR deposit amount (no discount). Being able to do this with no (internal) user interaction, the client can just do it and we get either the full/deposit amount.

I don't believe this is currently possible.

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We're in the exact same boat.

We'd like to give the client an option to pay the full project up front (with discount) or only pay 20% down to get started (no discount).

Right now I think we can only offer either deposit options OR full payment options.

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