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Multiple MIDs on QV

We have a wholesale division and a retail division and have separate MIDs for each.  I do know that there is no way to add a second MID to accept payments on QV. SO we use Quick Books to create those quotes and receive payment on. It would make things easier for us (reporting etc) if we had that ability since we wouldn't have to use Quicks to push those quotes/orders and invoices out to our wholesale partners.  Is this a something that others may be interested in also? 

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Hello Maria, Quickbooks has an excellent feature for doing quick and easy reports but quotewerks (qw) to my knowledge is a lot more flexible than quickbooks at generating all sorts of custom documents and layouts and its product database is way more advance as well. As you may be aware the main document types in QW can include; invoices, orders, quotes as pdf type document types. Purchase orders and sales orders as pdfs. Also, the new type Purchase orders can be emailed as inline emails (and those can also be pushed into quickbooks) Not to mention quotevalet that can have different templates and also quotewerks also has a custom report generator. I've been using quickbooks and quoteweks for 10+ years and would not see any reason to use quickbooks for my paperwork mainly as I have quotewerks set up more or less to generate all 'paperwork' and quickbooks to do the accounts. Could you explain your example a bit more perhaps with an example of the two document types and I'm sure someone here can give you some tips or ideas.
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