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Single data-source for QuoteWerks and QuoteValet for SQL dbs in Azure or AWS

Fix the ongoing issues caused by having quote data in two databases (QuoteWerks and QuoteValet) by pulling data for QV from the single QW's database.

We are building automation via workflows and are constantly running into issues with disparate data in QV.

Instead allow QV to point to the data from our QWs database when the database is hosted in the cloud (i.e. AWS or Azure).  This could be accomplished by using APIs/authentication capabilities (as part of the set-up process??).

Now, with QWs web, is the goal to streamline the experience?  That is, if I use QWs web and I subscribe to electronic delivery I should be able to press a "Send" button without thinking about it. 



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Yes, being able to 'get at' QV data is a common request.

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