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QuoteValet Notifications

Is there a way that we will be able to set who receives the notifications?   The Client Support staff that creates the quotes are getting copied on all notifications for the Sales Reps they are working with.  We have over 70 sellers and adding more.  That is alot of notifications that they don't need to know anything about.  It would be nice to be able to select/deselect who receives notifications.

I have one client in your sort of scenario. I just advise creating a rule in Outlook at automatically archive/delete the message(s) certain users don't need to see.

I would agree with that.  That was my idea but I like making it easier to be able to select / deselect who receives notifications.





I just guess that being able to make it clear what / how the notifications are set would be tricky.

Are you saying it'd be as blunt as 'Don't send this user a notification' [Checkbox]

I would say don’t send notifications to the prepared by.  With a Check box 

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