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Memory Allocation Error

I've recently modified our quote template, which is now giving me a Memory Allocation Error (MemReAlloc) when trying to 'preview' or 'save to pdf' etc

This only happens on very large quotes (the one in question is 16 pages long). It starts generating the preview, gets to the last page then crashes.

I've gone back to a default quote template and it works fine, so it does seem to be my new template.

What could cause this? Is there a log file that gives more info?

Little more info on this one... went through and removed any line items from the quote that then get formatted by the template... this didn't seem to do anything.

I then went through and put back in page breaks (using the .if.documentitems->description="page break" filter method)...

The quote previewed fine up until i reached 14 pages and then gave me the memory issue and crashed.

Further note - i've removed some images from the quote, and it works... it seems the issue is due to the amount of memory used when generating the quote with images. Is there a way to increase memory allocation (doubt it) ?

I'm not aware of any timeouts, that we can control at least.

How long is it taking to complete the preview? Does the page counter preview thing count through as you'd expect, or does it get stuck?

I've seen this a couple of times when (large) quotes have (large) images.

The only solution I could come up with was to make the quote less taxing on the layout designer.

This could include reducing resolution of the product images (typically, I find native product image sizes are about 5x larger than they need to be for QW layouts). 

One layout was taking nearly a minute to preview; by reducing the image resolution, this got down to 5 seconds, with no loss of detail in the PDF (until you zoomed to about 600%)

Hi Matt,

A bit more testing and it now seems that the images aren't the issue...

First i went through and decreased the size of the images (considerably) but it was still happening.

I've now got a template with no images at all, yet it still crashes in the same way.

To clarify, when i'm talking about images, i'm not talking about product images, they are images used to style the quote (i.e. logo, separator images etc)

One thing that's just popped up in my head... do you know if QW processes product images even if they're not used on the template? I'm wondering, because we do have product images associated with a lot of our products but we no longer use them on the quote template... is it possible it's rendering them out even though they're not being displayed?

To answer your other question about the page counter - it all seems normal, it flies throug hthem (up to page 22) and then pauses, and crashes... i only actually get the error dialog if use 'Save to PDF', otherwise it just dumps me out of the program.

Did you ever get a fix for this, I have the same issue, it used to work, a quote I created back in 2015 was OK then but just recently customer came back for same thing, duplicated old quote, get memory error, tried coping lines to new quote, then checked some other larger quotes same issue.

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