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Can I Add Item to Bottom of Group without Deleting and Recreating the Group ?

The only way I know on how to add an item to the bottom of a group is to delete the group header and then recreating the group while including the new item. I am wondering if there is a way to add an item to the bottom of a group without deleting the group header?

You can drag items into a group, have you tried that?

You can also copy paste, insert, etc. but if you want the item/product as the last item in the group then as far as I can tell, you are out of luck, you need to delete the group header and re-create the group and don't forget to copy the group's header text before you do it otherwise you are back to re-creating that too.

I must be missing something, does this not do what you need?

Should have been a video in that reply above.

Video here:

OK that's a trick that never crossed my mind, much better than deleting and recreating the group, thanks!

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