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How to present 3rd party vendor quotes in QuoteValet

Is there an efficient or more visual way to present a 3rd part quote in QuoteValet without simply attaching it to the downloadable PDF link in QuoteValet that almost nobody downloads?

Typically, what I do is to actually manually add the items on the 3rd party quote to my quote as optional-unselected items and then insert the actual 3rd party quotes to the end of downloadable PDF. The problem with this approach is that if one of the 3rd party items is selected by the customer it then adds the totals of the 3rd party vendor amount to my quote, this approach can become somewhat complicated if approved and paid online.

I saw somewhere that you can put other PDF document side to side with the PDF Quote in Quotevalet, is this possible?

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If you had the 3rd party PDF uploaded to your website or FTP area, then you could put Line Items on your quotation with the URLs and so have links embedded in the QuoteValet Template. Alternatively - if you want them side-by-side at the top of the QuoteValet Template, then use the same principle of uploading to your website / FTP area and put an image with a link to it in the Template.

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