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Recurring Revenue Issues within Line Attributes

We are having a lot of issues with the "Recurring Revenue" section under Line Attributes. If the "Include First Payment in Document Total" box is checked it includes the recurring total in the one time subtotal so it charges them twice. If this box is not checked when the quote is converted to an order the products do not pull into the sales order and have to be manually added. This feature in general has created a lot of manual work and has provided no value. We also get an error almost every time we save a quote regarding the "Contract Dates".If both of these sections could be removed that would help us cut out the manual work of adjusting each line item in quotes.

(12.7 KB)

Here is the section I am referring to.

What version and build of QuoteWerks are you running?

Version 5.3 Build 6.06

Hi Rachel - what version and build of ConnectWise are you running where you aren't seeing recurring lines show up on the opportunity and sales order?

We are using 2018.6 for Connectwise. These show up in our opportunities however when that  "Include First Payment in Document Total" box is not checked in QW the pricing does not pull over to the Sales Order and has to be manually added.

Also, the error in your original screenshot refers to the Opportunity Close date and the start date of the item recurrence.  There were known issues with this in certain ConnectWise builds that they did release patches for this in one of the 2018.5x builds

Hi Rachel - I just tested in QuoteWerks v5.4 b1.08 and ConnectWise v2019.1 (60260).  I had a recurring Product (non-inventory item) that did not have the first month's payment included whose recurrency date was set to start three days after the close date on the opportunity save window.  I converted to won and created the sales order through the QuoteWerks interface, and the item appeared on the sales order with the appropriate values and recurrency.

If you would like to call in and walk through a test order with the steps you are following, perhaps we could diagnose where the issue is occurring.  You may reach us at 407-248-1481, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Eastern. Anyone on our technical support staff will be happy to assist you.

With that box checked did it include that recurring cost into the one time costs?

I did NOT have the box checked so no, it was not included in the one-time costs on the quote.  

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