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Congratulations to the 2018 Top 10 QuoteWerks World Wide Partners


  1. Quintadena (United Kingdom)
  2. Prestige Quoting (United Kingdom)
  3. First Direct Corp (Hopewell Junction, New York, USA)
  4. Hilltops IT (United Kingdom)
  5. Linked Systems (Seattle, Washington, USA)
  6. Wizard Systems (United Kingdom)
  7. Gold Rush Technology Pty, Ltd (Australia & New Zealand)
  8. Relevant Automation (North Carolina, USA)
  9. Perennial Software (Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA)
  10. Equilibrium Consulting (Voorhees, NJ, USA)

Top USA Partner: First Direct Corp 
Top United Kingdom Partner: Quintadena

Top Canadian Partner: Keystroke Quality Computing
Top Australian Partner: Gold Rush Technology Pty, Ltd

MVP: Matt Rose w/ Prestige Quoting

Thanks Brian! 

Thrilled to have won the MVP award once again. 

Equally pleased with Prestige Quoting's placement at number 2. 

Looking back, starting Prestige Quoting 3 years ago from the dining room table, in a house I no longer live in, my girlfriend that is now my wife and way before my little man arrived! Time flies when you're having fun!  

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Congratulations, Matt! You and your company have come a long way. You've made a great impact on the QuoteWerks Community.

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