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Runtime Error When logging In

I've recently started encountering a run time error (see attached) when logging in.  I'm on v5.0 build 4.11.  If I log in as a different user from my desk I can log in OK.  Sometime after a while I can log in OK other time I've reboot my work station and others I've rebooted the server.  Some time the rebooting doesn't help.  

Any ideas??

QW Error.jpg
(51.5 KB)

I understand about Windows...  I will clone a known good user and see what happens.

Thanks for the help


If you are still running into difficulties, please contact QuoteWerks Technical Support directly at 407-248-1481 or 

How would I suddenly lose control over files?

Because, Windows....

If another QW user works on your machine, then it's something to do with your QW profile.

Would it be quickest and easiest to clone a user that is known to work, setting that cloned user with your details and then deleting the existing 'broken' user?

As far as I know I do.  I must say that recently while trying to get a new user working, I de-activated my user. I'm not sure if the runtime error was already occurring at that time. How would I suddenly lose control over files?

Do you still have full control over all the files in the QuoteWerks folder?

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