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Mapping Custom Fields from Salesforce to Quotewerks

I have been working with 1st Level Support at Quotewerks and I can't believe that we are the 1st to experience this.  Anyhow, we would like to map more than 4 Standard Fields to Quotewerks.  In our Salesforce Product Catalogue we have about 11 fields (some standard fields COGS, Product Description, Man. P/N, etc.) . We can map those fields over to Quotewerks.

We also have some customized fields such as Disti Name, Disti P/N, and our unique P/N.  Quotewerks Level 1 Support has not been able to help us map all our Salesforce fields 1:1 with Quotewerks.  I am sure other people have asked for this.

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To clarify, are we talking about live-linking your Salesforce products, so they appear within a product lookup in QuoteWerks? You're saying you can only map 4 fields?

We would overlay Quotewerks over our current instance of Salesforce.  Quotewerks would pull the Produce Catalogue from Salesforce.  With the demo version of Quotewerks, we can see the products catalogue but only 4 out of 11 fields are displaying.

If your question is do we want to do this in real time, that is preferred method, because we do update our pricing almost daily from a bunch of distributors.

I would love to talk to someone in development because I am sure this has already been done by Quotewerks.  I can't imagine no one else had this problem.

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Slightly different use case with the same call to action: Please give us the ability to map custom field in Salesforce to Quotewerks pricebook source. Even if it requires Quotewerks customers populating their Salesforce custom field ID into a setup field in Quotewerks. 

Use case:

We would like to use Salesforce as the single pricebook, but without custom fields such as "Recurring Billing Cycle" being pulled from the Salesforce pricebook into our Quotewerks quote, there absolutely no way to create a typical quote. I'm afraid it's a deal-breaker.

Greetings ~

We wanted to let you know that in our latest build new features for have been added:

New Features – Version 5.5 Build 3.04

1. For users, when creating/updating a Opportunity the Contact Role can now be set. [Service Release: 3.04]

2. For users, a default contact role can be set for the opportunity contact through the Opportunity Setup window. [Service Release: 3.04]

3. For users, the DataLink now supports Contacts in addition to the Account. [Service Release: 3.04]

4. For users, the Product Data Source now supports custom fields mapping. If a custom field is named "Manufacturer__c" or "VendorPartNumber__c" these custom fields will automatically be mapped when a new Product Data Source is setup. If you already have an existing Product Data Source, you will need to edit it and manually map these fields. When these fields are mapped, you can also search on those fields on the product lookup window. [Service Release: 3.04]

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