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Can QV access Autotask integration?

I am new to QW and trying to figure out all the integrations. We are a small shop so the more we can automate the better.

Right now this is how I see it working:

1. Client accepts a quote on QV.

2. QV sends an email to the salesperson indicating a quote was accepted.

3. Salesperson signs into QW.

4. Then opens QV -> Reporting.

5. Then imports accepted quote.

6. QW prompts to convert to an order, which sends to Autotask as an opportunity.

7. Autotask takes over with workflows of its own to process the order.

What I'd like to know is if I can automate steps 3-6. Is there a way for QW to automatically push an accepted QV quote all the way through to Autotask PSA as a Won/Closed Opportunity?

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Short answer, no.

The quote needs to be opened in QW in order for it to close the opportunity and, indeed, update any options changes the client might have made.

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