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QuickBooks Job Name Generation

 When an estimate is exported I would like to use the Project number to create a new job in quickbooks. This will hopefully allow me to store multiple estimates under a single job that are numbered using the DocNo.  I see in the settings the QB link settings there are 3 options (Do not Auto-Gen, Auto-Gen with DocNo, Auto-Gen with DocName).  I would like to have the the projectno/job as a 3rd tier being that my customer list is setup as CustomerName:JobSiteName:ProjectNo.  I can easily make a macro to pull this info.


I cannot figure out where to put it.  There is a setting in the settings menu in the QB section "JobNameGeneration"  that has keyvalues of -1,0,1 the represent the 3 default options listed above.  Where is the field reference for these key values stored?  I checked the system and site settings tables and the record referencing the keys but no reference to how those keys can be modified.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

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